Fabrication Facility

Production Capacity: 4000 + Tons of Steel Per Month

From Atlantis, The Palm to Sheikh, Zayed Grand Mosque, Dubai Metro , and more, we have had the opportunity to work on a host of infrastructure and construction projects such as bridges, residences and commercial buildings, high rise towers, power and oil and gas, shopping complexes, and more since 1982. Such quality output has emerged from Galadari Engineering’s state-of-the-art fabrication facility that comes with a host of facilities, advanced technologies, and numerous sophisticated equipment that helps our specialists to handle structural steel safely and efficiently.

Located in Dubai Industrial City, our spacious fabrication facility covers a total plot area of 60,000 Sq. m. out of which 20,000 Sq. m. is covered and the rest 40,000 Sq. m. is used for blasting, painting, assembly, dispatching production and storing raw steel materials, facilitating accuracy in production, excellence in service and proper tracking.

The complex includes a cutting and drilling bay, welding bay, fit up area and painting shop; all of which are fully equipped and oriented to meet all the needs and requirements of customers.

Our strength lies in the ability to design, engineer, manufacture, and implement the strategic and continuous supply of fabricated steel with the help of the latest CNC technology and specialized automated machines to ensure exceptional quality and speed of production. It has always been the aim of Galadari Engineering to discover and adopt the latest technology and instruments to produce outstanding fabricated steel every single time.