Galadari Brothers

Galadari Brothers

Across Industries. Across Lives

One of the country’s largest and recognized homegrown Emirati business dynasties, the Galadari Brothers Group is a multi-industry serving business conglomerate that meets a variety of critical socio-economic and industrial demands. Founded by Abdul Rahim and Abdul Latif Ibrahim Galadari, Galadari Brothers Group is 100% emirati owned business, providing services to the MENA region and rest of the world.

An expert in building global businesses for more than 50 years,the Galadari Brothers Group has partnered with major international business conglomerates, steadily growing into a formidable business force to reckon with in the U.A.E.Over 30 major multinational companies have been launched into the Emirates market by the groupinto a variety of industries, ushering in new growth prospects and opening new market avenues for all involved stakeholders.

Subsidiary Companies

Galadari Brothers Group has a significant market share in the following industries: