Industrial Polyurethane Products

Industrial Polyurethane Products

A wide range of Polyurethane formulations are used based on application requirements to manufacture a wide range of products like bushes, wheels, couplings etc.

AEB’s specialty is in manufacturing high performance Polyurethanes for the most demanding industrial & Construction applications. Polyurethanes have definite advantages over plastics, conventional rubber and metals, which make them a better substitute in applications where these materials are normally used.

Abrasion Resistance:

The outstanding abrasion resistance of cast polyurethanes has resulted in thousands of successful applications. In laboratory tests as well as in field applications, cast Polyurethanes show a definite wear advantage over many other materials. In field studies, polyurethanes have outworn rubbers and plastics, as well as steel and ceramics in some applications.

Stress / Strain Properties:

Some plastics have high modulus and tensile strength but low elongation. Most rubbers have high elongation but low modulus and tensile strength. Polyurethane elastomers have high modulus, high tensile strength and high elongation. This combination imparts toughness and durability to the part.

Compression Properties:

Cast Polyurethanes have much higher load-bearing capacity than conventional elastomers of similar hardness.

Hardness and Resilience:

Cast Polyurethane elastomers can be compounded in a wide range of hardness from 20A to 75D (soft as a rubber band or as hard as plastic) Special formulations of cast polyurethanes can be made with resilience values as low as 2% or 75%. This is ideal for applications such as springs and shock mounts.