Key Sectors

Our reputation has been established on our ability to proactively manage and respond to manufacturing needs while also meeting the high standards of quality &
performance that customers seek.

Our strength lies in our capability to deliver an exhaustive list of services serving across a range
of diverse industries, displaying our efficiency and supreme management plus administration skills.

Commercial & Infrastructure Industries:

  • Shopping malls, showrooms & warehouses
  • Conference, exhibition & banquet halls
  • Grandstands & stadiums
  • Residential & commercial buildings
  • Multi-story high rise buildings & tower crowns
  • Bridges (vehicular/pedestrian) & floating pontoons
  • Various other applications & cladding works


Power Plants, Oil & Gas

  • Pipe racks
  • Pipe supports
  • Rectangular platforms

Desalination Plants and other Petrochemical Industries

  • Warehouse shelters
  • Material storage yard