DEAREATORS (Spray & Tray type)

Deareators (Spray & Tray type)

PED offers total solution for Deareation process in association with renowned process design company from Europe. Unique Spray & Tray type technology is highly efficient & economic solution for Deareation process. Deaerator manufactured by PED is successfully working at various process plants across the globe.

Process, Design & Manufacturing

  • Process Design by leading European Process license holder.
  • Design & Manufacturing as per ASME Sec VII Div. I & Div. II
  • Vertical & Horizontal Tower orientation.
  • MOC Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel & Cladded Metal.
  • FAT & Site Installation


  • Guaranteed performance of 7ppb of O² as per ASME PTC 12.3 test code.
  • Capacity up to 2200 T/Hr

Our Collaboration With world renowned Deaeration company from Italy has established our capabilities to supply the Deaerators world wide. Our unique spray & tray technology is working satisfactorily working at various client places including Europe, Russia, Middle East, Africa and Gulf Countries.

Our complete capability & Expertise to offer complete solution on dearator:

  • Process Design in technical Collaboration with world’s renowned Dearator company.
  • Proven & patented spray & tray Technology.
  • Mechanical Design – ASME (U & U2), BS, PED/CE, Gost R
  • Dia. – 6 Mts, Length – 30mtrs, capacity up to 2200 T / HR
  • Guaranteed performance of 7PPB of O2 as per ASME PTC 12.3 test code
  • MOC : CS, SS, Duplex / Super Duplex, Cladded
  • Vertical , Horizontal _ Tower
  • Assembly of internals if any.
  • Post Weld Heat Treatment Blasting & Coating
  • Insulations, Lifting Beams.
  • NDT- DP, MT, RT, UT, PMI
  • Site Installation & Commissioning support
  • Spare & After Sales Support
  • Worldwide installations of Dearators